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Betty Aristide-Augustin, MPA FOUNDER

Betty Aristide-Augustin was born in Haiti and raised in Brooklyn NY, since the age


Betty Aristide-Augustin was born in Haiti and raised in Brooklyn New York, since the age of thirteen. While assimilating to the American life, Mrs. Augustin began her education at Ditmas Junior High School and later attended Clara Barton in Brooklyn where she received her High School diploma. She currently earned a Master Degree in Urban Studies, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and an Associate Degree in Business Administration.  She received Dean’s List Certificates for excellent academic achievements from the City of New York Colleges, Queens, York, and Borough of Manhattan Community College.  In 2004 Mrs. Augustin was the President of the Haitian Club at BMCC College leading a group of 35 to 40 students. Mrs. Augustin is actively involved in many ministries within her church. She is one of the leaders of the Young Adult Ministry.   Edeyouth organization is very dear to her heart. The fire ignited from a mission trip to Haiti, after the 2010 earthquake. Since after that trip, she has not been the same. She believes if she can reach one child it is better than none. Furthermore, the more lives she impacts; she has fulfilled her purpose on earth.  Her goal is to bring forth a new, healthily, productive generation through mentoring, counseling, and life-skills training.  She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. Her personal interests are sewing, cooking, traveling, music, dancing, nature 

Tarbita BEnjamin-Senatus CO-FOUNDER


Youth Outreach Director

Tarbita Benjamin-Senatus was born in Port-Au-Prince Haiti.   Her parents are from the  provence  call Jacmel  in  Haiti. Her father migrated to the US in 1970. At the age of 12  her father sent for her and three of her siblings.  The first school she attended in the United  State was Arthur Somers Junior High school.  Tarbita was ready to take on the next challenge, where she attended Clara Barton High School. After High School She went on to further her education at Queens Borough Community College.  She took an interest in Medical Office and Administration. Tarbita has been an employee at NorthWell Health LIJ CFAM ( Center For Advance Medicine) for the past 15 years. She is currently working as a Lab Support Associate. She also founded EdeYouth Organization in 2010. She seats on the board as a treasurer.  In 2018 , she was promoted on a new challenge in EdeYouth Organization as the outreach director to have a more interactive approach with the youths in the community. She is a proud parent of two beautiful children.  Tarbita’s personal interests are traveling, spending time with her family and working for the better future of the youth in our community in the New York areas and abroad, in Haiti. 

Schency Augustin, MPA


Public Relation & Media

Schency M. Augustin is a community innovator, who currently works in the field of jail oversight. He received his Master’s Degree in Urban Affairs and Urban Planning from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and Hunter College. He also holds a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Law and Due Process, John Jay College of Criminal Justice. His professional and volunteer experience have included, but are not limited to, areas of: Criminal Justice affairs, intergovernmental relationship building, community relations, civic engagement, youth empowerment, career planning, project planning and oversight, government relations, sustainable development, and has served as a Student Researcher for The White House, analyzing place-based initiatives in severely impoverished communities. His goal is to design, plan, and manage programs that have direct effects on impoverished to moderate income communities.

He is passionate about public service, and has a knack for connecting with people in all stages of their lives. He joined EdeYouth to have a greater impact on the next generation leaders, who are unaware of their potential. He has extensive experience in working with youth populations, and is a great asset to our team and community.

Tricia Rhoden-Bruce CO-FOUNDER


Public Relation & Marketing

Tricia Rhoden-Bruce was born in Bronx, New York. Her parents are from the Caribbean island of Jamaica and moved to the states in the late 1970's. During her adolescence years she lived in Los Angeles, California where she saw and walked all avenues of life such as poverty, gangs, prostitution and her very own friends struggled to stay in school due to a broken homes and or lack of guidance. Her late mother, Sandrea Cooper, never judged a soul. Instead, she took in those that were closes to her children and welcomed them into their home with open arms as if they were her own. Their home was considered a safe haven and many looked up to their mother as a role model, motivator and a blessing. All traits Tricia naturally grew to possess as she got older.   Tricia traveled between New York and California frequently but New York was her hometown and primary residence. She graduated from York City University of New York , and it is where she met and befriended Betty Aristide-Augustine. They shared similar interests and most importantly morals and values. They both had goals to one day help others in need. When the earthquake occurred in Haiti, Betty reached out to friends to have a call to action meeting. It was a no brainer for Tricia to jump on board and support one goal and cause. Also known as the day EdeYouth was born! Tricia holds a BA degree in Marketing Management and a minor in Psychology. Tricia is currently pursuing her career in Human Resource Management with a company called Williams Sonoma and has been successful balancing her work and personal life. She is married and has two beautiful children. Additionally, Tricia's personal interests are interior design, music, traveling, cooking and yoga.

Woldine Destin-Petit



Mrs. Woldine Petit joined EdeYouth (EY) as the treasurer in 2018. This position makes Mrs. Petit responsible for managing the overall aspects of the organization’s finances, including budget management, development, financial statements, and reporting to EY board and the public. Mrs. Petit has a back ground in finance and holds a Bachelor in psychology. She plans to complete her master in Industrial/Organizational psychology. Mrs. petit was born in Haiti and moved to New York at the age of 12 with her mother and younger sister; She is the first of three children. Her hobbies involves volunteering at her church and advocating for the underserves population, hence her reason for working with EY.

Cordeleen Guirand


Youth Coordinator

Cordeleen Guirand is of Haitian descent, both her mother and father are natives of Haiti. She is the second oldest of six children. Being that she was older than four of her siblings, she was responsible for homework assignments, projects and making sure they were well behaved at school. From a very young age Cordeleen was held accountable for the decision she made because every decision was a reflection of her values and morals taught by her parents. In junior high school she was the treasurer of the student council and a school monitor from sixth to the eighth grade. When she attended Saint Edmund Prep high school she was apart of the senior freshman mentor program where she mentored the freshman for a year, displaying leadership from a very young age. She joined EdeYouth because of her love for the younger generation. She wants to be able to pour back into the lives of those who ever felt lonely, abandoned, physically, mentally and emotionally abused. Cordeleen wants to give back to the youth the love they haven't received or known, that is true genuine, unconditional and accepted love

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