Our Programs

Empowering Young People PROGRAM 1


Empowering young People (EYP), The purpose of this program is to prepare our youth for adulthood by grooming them for success. Participants learn strategies for becoming gainfully employed, through our panel discussion and workshops. They also learn skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.  

After the workshop, the participants have an opportunity to network, and meet new people securing new opportunities. They are provided further enhancement information to take home. 

EdeYouth (EY) links our youths with licensed Bankers, Realtors, Financial Advisors, Human Resources Professionals, Etiquette Experts, Information Technology, Professional Seamstress and Business Owners. EY invite speaker such as, Doctors, Nurses, Judges, Attorney, Police Officers, Probation Officers, Social Workers, and local community leaders. 

Our catchment areas are Foster Care, Group Homes, Single Moms, Child Homes, and Young Adults in the community. This is an initiative to provide this community of participants, with foresight and opportunity to choose better options despite their difficult circumstances.


·  Banking/Real Estate Investment 

·  Finance-money management, Credit report

·  Entrepreneurship

·  Etiquette

·  Resume Writing

·  Interview Process

·  Pre and Post Interview 

·  Dress for Success 

·  Microsoft suite workshop

·  Basic Sewing 

·  Previously Incarcerated Project



 You're Not Alone (YANA) is a series of outreach programs that promote mental health awareness. Unfortunately, the rate of suicide is increasing in the lives of our young people; due to lack of support, and awareness of the symptoms, the challenges of mental, and psychological illnesses. 

EY connects our youth with Certified Mental Health Professionals and Counselors that help them identify their self-need. EY also provides different workshops that address an array of topics, such as, depression, trauma, anxiety, self-esteem and suicide. The effort is to decrease the level of self-harm and suicide amongst the youth population. 

YANA, is not just a program; it is a model that will lead to community rehabilitation. 

The principles of YANA: 

Y- you: Identifying the person and needs that are waiting to be met. 

A- Are: Current state of being, the present identification/circumstance 

N- Not: Acknowledging lies and negativities, and breaking free from destructive holds. 

A- Alone: Recognizing the need for outside intervention.

Vocational Training PROGRAM 3


Our vocational training programs in Legoane-Haiti are Sewing, Culinary Arts, and Art Decoration.  

EdeYouth is dedicated to improving literacy while providing basic education that will serve as a platform for the youth to pursue their future goals. Our intention is help them become independent thinkers and become viable assets to the Haitian community as a whole.

Our Program allows counselors and therapist to interact with participants of the program in a private or  open setting, in person as well as using multimedia tools. Using technology helps us to provide much more resources to the people who need it most.

Vocational Training 

Sewing: Students learn how to make all models which is submitted under the program and carry out other model and design. He/she is able to earn a living by offering his/her services to the community. 

Culinary: The students are taught how to prepare different types of recipes, utilizing all cooking techniques including baking. The Culinary Certificate will allow the student to work at restaurants, work in  hotels, catering halls or open his/her restaurant.  

Art decoration: Students learn to make artificial and organic flowers utilizing water base paint, color papers with other required equipments, decorating for different occasions. Events such as weddings, graduations, Easter and Christmas. The interior decorating certificate will permit the youth to get jobs with catering companies, weddings and other events.